Yes, when setting up you can decide for yourself how you want to set up your product.

It is easiest if you mirror the image of the product and carry out the steps of the assembly instructions in reverse.

No, it is not necessary for our products to be screwed into the ground. It is sufficient if you attach them to the wall.

In principle, our products can be attached to any type of wall. However, it is very important that the wall plugs and screws intended for each wall are used.

We recommend attaching to concrete, brick or wood walls using our included screws and dowels. If you are unsure, just ask a nice hardware store employee.

Try to follow the supplied assembly instructions. Then the build should work.

Tip: Always hand-tighten the parts during assembly and bring them directly into the intended alignment.

Tolerances occurring in the manufacture of the threads can result in the connection not being fixed in the desired position.

If possible, try using the other end of the pipe or fitting, or another identical component, in that location. That is often the solution to the problem.

No? Then contact us at hello@rooem.com - we're happy to help!

We think it's a good idea to have two people set it up. For example, one person can hold the clothes rail while the other screws or drills holes in the wall. Plus, it's a lot more fun together.

Unfortunately, we currently do not offer an assembly service.