We use 3/4" tubing with a diameter of 26.9mm for all of our premium clothes rails.

For our Light clothes racks, we use 1/2" inch tubes with a diameter of 19.7mm.
We cannot offer other sizes. We deliberately opted for 3/4" tubes for our premium clothes rails, as these guarantee the appropriate stability.

We identify our clothes rails with a load capacity of up to 100 kg.

For wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted models, the stability depends largely on the material and condition of the wall/ceiling.

You should make sure that you use the right fastening material for each material. We recommend mounting in concrete, brick or wooden walls with our supplied screws and dowels. If you are unsure, just ask a nice hardware store employee.

The color of our pipes is a slightly shiny dark grey/anthracite. Depending on the lighting conditions, the optics sometimes appear brighter and sometimes darker.

We do not offer other colors. We deliberately opted for just one look - instead a large variety of different clothes rails.

All of our specified dimensions are maximum dimensions in centimetres. The numbers in parentheses indicate the length of tubing used.

Example: BOB width 110cm (30/60)

Total width: 110cm

Left compartment: 1x 30cm rod

Right compartment: 2x 60cm rods

Please note: the total dimension is the sum of the pipe lengths + the intermediate lengths of the connecting pieces.

The variant you have selected may differ visually from the variant shown in the pictures.

Cleaning with a dry cleaning cloth before using the clothes rail is recommended. Cleaning with water is not recommended due to the rust it causes.

The oil film on our clothes racks is intended to protect your piece of furniture from rust. Without protection, this can occur due to excessive humidity in warehouses or transporters on the journey to you.

When you get there, the oil has done its job and can be removed.

Here you are in demand: give your new piece of furniture some love and clean it carefully with the cloths provided. Remaining oil residues will evaporate over time and disappear by themselves.

In the event that some oil ends up on your clothing, you can simply wash it out again at 40°.

Don't panic, it's normal for the threads to stick out about 2-4mm. This is because these are tapered cut.

With the water pipes normally used in the sanitary area, this ensures that the connection is tight and no water can escape.

Unfortunately, we don't have a showroom at the moment.