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offener Kleiderschrank im Wohnzimmer

We live and work in Munich, Nuremberg, Berlin, Cologne and Cape Town. But that could be completely different in the next moment, because we are here today and there tomorrow. Our claim to where we live always remains the same: we want to be able to be at home everywhere. The challenge? "Home" means more than an apartment or a house with a bed and a closet. It describes a place that reflects our character, is individually adapted to us and gives us the opportunity to retreat: our personal rooem.

Our furniture made of quality materials, fair production and modular design should give us and you the opportunity to make a home out of every place. They can be constantly adapted to your flexible living conditions, grow and shrink with you, express your personality through individual designs and a special style and are as easy and quick to get to you as you are used to from online shopping. Follow us and turn your room into a rooem with our extra. And you too feel at home everywhere.