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mera. double - rooem.
mera. double - rooem.
mera. double - rooem.
mera. double - rooem.

mera. double

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The clothes mera. double is made - among other things - of "black threaded pipes" made of iron. The color corresponds to a slightly shiny dark grey/anthracite to black, but can also appear lighter or darker depending on the lighting conditions.


We use 3/4" tubing with a diameter of 26.9mm for all of our premium clothes rails.


We identify our clothes racks with a load capacity of up to 100 kg.

In the case of wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted clothes rails, the stability depends largely on the material and condition of the wall/ceiling.


All of our specified dimensions are maximum dimensions in centimetres. The numbers in parentheses indicate the lengths of tubing used.

Example: Simon width 318 cm (100/100/100)

Total width: The total width ( example: 318cm ) results from the sum of the tube lengths ( example: 3*100cm ) + the intermediate lengths of the connecting pieces. ( Example: 18 cm )

Where can I find the assembly instructions?

We love nature and don't want to burden it more than necessary. Therefore, our instructions are only available in digital format. The instructions are linked centrally in our navigation bar.

USA: 14-21 business days delivery time. 39$

Within Germany: 4-8 working days delivery time. From 59 EUR free of charge. Below 20 EUR.

Austria: 4-10 working days delivery time. From 59 EUR free of charge. Below 20 EUR.

Switzerland: 4-10 working days

- up to 20kg: 29 CHF (Alex, Lisa, Anna, Anton, Bob, Ella, Elle, Jamie 1-3, Lea, Levi, Mara, Nala, Oli, Xavier)

- over 20kg: 65CHF (all others)

NEW: From 14.11.22 including customs

All other European countries: 4-10 working days delivery time. 20 euros

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room. Premium

With the room. Premium clothes racks are a very good choice to make your home more individual. Hang more clothes on the clothes rail and express your personality better . Due to the 3/4" (inch) steel tubes, the clothes rail has a higher load capacity of 100 kg and is therefore more stable and durable.

Die rooem Premium Kleiderstange ist besonders stabil und von hoher Qualität. Ob für die Wand oder Freistehend ein besonderer Hingucker in deiner Wohnung.
Frau mit industrielle Kleiderstange und Kleidung
show what you have

Whether everyday wear or evening wear - your pieces of jewelery want to be seen and now they can too. Our open wardrobe in industrial design ensures order and lets your clothes shine in the best light.

As individual as you

Our clothes racks are of course a real eye catcher . However, the simplicity, straightforwardness and the use of very honest materials stand for reduction and create space for the expression of your personality. Find the extra that suits you best from a large number of different models and sizes .

Individuelle Auswahl der Kleiderstangen in unterschiedlichen Größen und Breiten. Für ein individuelle Einrichtung deiner Wohnung.
Detaillierte digitale Anleitung zum Aufbauen und Tuch zum Reinigen der Rohre
Fully equiped

So that you can start building your clothes rail straight away If you can, we will also provide you with detailed assembly instructions, a pair of fabric gloves, screws & dowels and a fabric cloth for easy cleaning of the pipes. And best of all, you don't need any tools to set it up.

Made in Germany

As people who are close to our homeland , we have high demands on our wardrobes and value quality . That's why the clothes mera. double was also made in Germany.

Unsere Röhren und Fittings für die Kleiderständer werden in Deutschland hergestellt. Made in Germany. Dadurch sind sie besonders Stabil und von hoher Qualität.