We at KWERQUS believe that at the heart of all human activity lies the desire to find happiness. We hope our products deliver these and more. To achieve this we believe that a set of values that make the foundation of our organisation are essential and become a part of our company culture


At Kwerqus we believe that trust is the binding force between us as an organisation and the eco system that we are connected to. We follow fair trade practices and ensure our vendors and partners are complaint with prevailing regulations within the region. We strive to ensure that we remain transparent and accessible for our employees, partners and customers


To ensure our core values are met our team follows the values of right intention, right view and right action.


We strive to ensure that communication within the organisation and with society at large is done effectively and clearly. We believe our core values are built on the back of effective and clear communication


We are a flat organisation and believe in the importance and interconnectedness of all our stake holders at every level. While differences in society are inherent we strive to create an environment where everyone is treated equally and expresses themselves freely


We promote transparency within the organisation and believe it to be an integral part of our values to achieve Trust, Honesty, Effective communication and Equality.